Dare to Look at the World Through the Eyes of Those Experiencing Poverty


JustFaith is a small-group process for those looking for a safe place to discuss social issues through the lens of faith. In community with others, JustFaith invites participants to take a spiritual journey of faith and compassion. JustFaith is an inspiring and energizing program that encourages a renewed commitment to care for those in need in our world.

Engaging Spirituality

EngagingSpirituality is a small-group program that invites participants to deepen their faith or spirituality through prayerful listening, sharing from the heart, and exploring what it means to “love our neighbors.”

Urban Immersion

The Urban Immersion is designed to provide an experience for youth, families, and/or adults to learn about poverty and other issues that affect people in our local community.

Rethink Poverty

Spend a simulated month in poverty and gain a better understanding of what it’s like to live below the poverty line. This interactive event promotes poverty awareness, increases understanding, and inspires local change.

Winter is a time for counting blessings. Here at the Center for Social Ministry, YOU are our biggest blessing. We count on your prayers and gifts to aid us in sowing the seeds of social change. During this season of waiting and watching, please prayerfully consider making a monetary pledge, or one-time donation, to support our work. You may donate electronically by clicking the button below, or you may send your donation by mail to: Center for Social Ministry, 4211 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312. (Your donation is tax-deductible.)


We dream of a world that is more just and peaceful;

a world where all have a seat at the table… We dream of doing what God is calling us to do; being what God is calling us to be… We dream of opportunities for our family members and friends to see the world through the eyes of those who are experiencing poverty and vulnerability; to see the world through our eyes… We dream of more support for social justice and advocacy efforts in our parishes, congregations, and community; more people doing the hard work of Gospel justice… We dream of opportunities to sit in dialogue with others; for opportunities to share our struggles and our hopes for a better world…

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Building Bridges, Building Hope

Susie Tierney, Executive Director, Center for Social Ministry