JustFaith is a twenty-four week, small group, adult formation program of JustFaith Ministries, that helps participants deepen their faith, experience a greater sense of purpose, and better understand our Gospel call to care for those in need.

Pathways to JustFaith are three new tools designed to introduce or re-introduce faithful people to the unique work and mission of JustFaith Ministries in a two-hour meeting format, four-hour pilgrimage format, or eight-hour retreat.

Engaging Spirituality is a twenty-one week, contemplative process of JustFaith Ministries that invites faithful adults to explore the intersection between Christian spirituality and Gospel justice; the intersection between prayer and action.

JustMatters is a series of formation materials of JustFaith Ministries in eight week sessions; allowing small groups to give sustained attention to a specific area of social concern or social ministry, culminating in a call to engaged action.

Living Our Faith is a program of the Center for Social Ministry that helps participants put their “faith into action” by providing meaningful volunteer contributions to the community and world.  Living Our Faith helps individuals name their gifts, skills and passions, and then helps connect those gifts and passions with organizations or groups making a difference.

Rethink Poverty is a simulation designed to help participants begin to understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family trying to survive from month to month.  Participants assume the roles of different families facing poverty and try to provide shelter and the basic necessities during the course of four 15-minute weeks.

Laudato Si Small Groups are offered in collaboration with the Center for Social Ministry in the Des Moines area.  Small groups of individuals come together for one hour a week for eight weeks to unpack Pope Francis’s beautiful and inspiring encyclical on “Care for Our Common Home.”