This fall, Center for Social Ministry is offering the newest JustMatters module, Hunger for Change: A Faithful Response to Food Insecurity. This small group module will explore the realities of food insecurity in the United States and throughout the world in a prayerful process that includes study, rich dialogue, and an immersion experience.

The Hunger for Change module is eight 2-hour sessions. Participants will:

  • Listen to the stories of people all over the world who struggle to feed themselves and their children.
  • Encounter people who live in marginalized and under-resourced communities and learn how they respond to food insecurity.
  • Explore the biblical promise of abundance to God’s people.
  • Engage in spiritual practices and actions that illuminate the realities of food insecurity, and work toward positive change to end hunger.
  • Take action to reshape our lives, communities, and systems to address the root causes of hunger around the world, and in our home communities.

To register for the fall module, please click here. The cost to participate is $40.

For more information about bringing the module to your parish/congregation or for information about Des Moines area group offerings, contact:

Center for Social Ministry






JustMatters is a series of formation materials in six to eight week sessions which allow small groups to give sustained attention to a specific area of social concern or social ministry, culminating in a call to engaged action. Click here to learn about other JustMatters modules.